“Delinda is brilliant, she is fun, yet very professional. I started on the Baby Friendly Pilates class and now do the evening Pilates class. She has helped sort my stomach muscles, after they separated having my second child. I feel I have improved so much since starting these classes, I can now touch my toes, which I couldn’t do before 😆 This is all down to Delinda pushing me to the level she knows I can reach safely”


“I started seeing Delinda after my second child. She is amazing she worked with me so much on getting my stomach muscles back together and they have come together so much more than I ever expected. I have been to her classes also and these are amazing. She has given me so much conference to start running again. Thank you so much!!”


“Baby friendly Pilates with Delinda is really helping to rebuild my abdominals following the birth of my second child. She helps you to get into the correct position and checks your tension so that the exercises really work as they should. I already feel much more aware of my pelvic floor and abdominal muscles after a small number of classes, and it has improved my yoga technique as well. I would recommend contacting Delinda to anyone who is worried about their pelvic floor or feels their abs have gone AWOL”